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Hello Parents and Athletes,

Words cannot describe has excited I am to be your coach AGAIN this year, we are going to have a blast. I am excited to see that we will be having some new ladies join us this year! 🙂
Things will be a little different this year; more intense, tougher/longer practices, more competitive, etc.
The girls will have the option this fall of playing volleyball, or going to basketball off-season with coach Hutchins-Boyette. If they do not want to play either sport, they do not need to be in athletics. If they just want to run track that is perfectly fine, but that will just be considered an “after school sport” and they will not have to be in athletics.

First Day of School.
*We will have practice the first of day of school till 5:00, we do not have much time until the first scrimmage. On the first day please bring tennis shoes, spandex, knee pads, ankle braces, etc. I will give the girls workout shirt and shorts, they are welcome to wear their own black spandex to practice (no colors).
*If they are wanting to go the basketball off-season, they will get basketball gear. (If you know you want to go to bball off-season, please email me and let me know.)
*Please bring a lock for the gym locker. the girls will get to choose their locker partner this year; if that privilege gets abused, we will go back to assigned lockers. (everyone will have a partner)
*The girls will get all their paperwork the first day, and all the paperwork is due back that next TUESDAY. Please make sure you read through everything, and they bring everything back signed.
*We will usually practice till about 5:00, make plans to stay that long. Tuesdays and Thursdays we will try to go to the weight room, so plan to stay till 5:30 on those days. I will be making a workout calendar.(This is still a maybe, I know HS plays tuesday so we may have to switch it around)
***For the scrimmage, everyone will get to go and play. After that it will be just like it was last year, 10-12 per team. The teams are subject to change each game, no one has a secured spot. Playing time will NOT be negotiable between player and coach, or between coach and parent. The girls know that if they have a question about their playing time that they need to come talk to me about what they can do to improve, not the parents. I will do my best to get everyone in at least one game, but that is not a guarantee. This year the teams will be 10X more competitive than they were last year. If you have a concern I would be more than happy to set up a meeting with you and the rest of the volleyball coaching staff to address the matter. (Coaches will not meet individually with parents)

Last Thing:

If anyone is interested in being a “Team Mom,” let me know. The 8th grade moms did this last year and I thought it was sweet. They would make signs, bring the girls treats for game days, etc. This by no means has to be an pricy event, just something little to give them a little extra confidence. I know it is a little tricky with not knowing teams each week. Let me know if there is any interest in that, or the moms can just get together and talk about it.

If there are any other questions please just me let know. Please subscribe to my athletics blogs for all the latest updates.
http://7thgradeladynecks.wonecks.net/ (8th grade blog now, still says 7th grade)
http://womsladynecks.wonecks.net/ (General athletics site)

Coach Klein
[email protected]
903-291-2096 (School)

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Volleyball Schedule

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August 30th- Scrimmage at EF A/B

Sept 4th- Game at Union Grove- A/B 5:00

Sept 8th- Home Vs Waskom- A/B 4:30

Sept 13th- Pine Tree Tournament A/B

Sept 15th- At New Diana A/B 5:00

Sept 20th- Carthage Tournament A/B

*Sept 22nd- At Jefferson A/B 5:00

*Sept 29th- Home Vs Sabine A/B 5:00

*Oct. 6th- At EF A/B 4:30

*Oct. 13th- Home Vs New Diana A/B 4:30

*Oct. 20th- At Waskom A/B 4:30

* District Games

Games will be played at 8th B, 8th A, 7th B, 7th A


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Looks like we will be spending another year together! I was recently named the new 8th grade coach, and you only thought you were done with me. 🙂
I am so excited to be with every one of you for your 8th grade year, we will have a great time.
Since you register online this year, I will be emailing the parents a letter about what to expect this year and practice times. You will get all the paperwork on the first day of school.
Hopefully you have been staying active over the summer, we will hit the ground running come August 25th. (Literally) 🙂
More information to come!

Enjoy what’s left of your summer!