Basketball camp and open gym dates for summer

April 23, 2014

I will a


I will also give the girls a hard copy!


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This coming week!

April 18, 2014

So I am officially sore from the workout y’all made up! I feel your pain, guess that means I need to workout with y’all more! :)

We have the STAAR test this next week so we will not be having athletics Tuesday and Wednesday!

Monday- we will meet in the weight room at 7:45

Tuesday/Wednesday you will go to your designated class at 8:00

Thursday- meet in the gym at 7:45

Friday- weight room 7:45

Enjoy your Easter weekend!!

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This week!

April 14, 2014

The girls came to an agreement that they would like to meet at 7:45 AM instead of 8:00 so that we can get more work done in the morning!
So unless informed other wise we will meet at 7:45
I will get to the gym around 7:20

Monday-Wednesday-Friday We will be in the weight room

Tuesday-Thursday we will be in the gym!!

Please make sure you are in issued athletic clothes! (no nike shorts)

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8:00 all week

April 14, 2014

Just a reminder that we will start at 8:00 this week. I will be getting to the no earlier than 7:30. If you need to get to school before then, please go to the fish pond until 7:30-40

If you are not brought back your track uniform please do that tomorrow!

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April 10, 2014

Just a Reminder we will meet in the gym tomorrow at 8:00

We will dress out!

I will give you information for next week tomorrow!

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District Meet Results

April 9, 2014

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE JOB LAST NIGHT GIRLS!! I couldn’t be more proud. Yall worked hard all season, and it paid off! Way to go Lady Necks!

Results from District Meet

Total Points- 168.33

1st- Olivia Sipes- 10:01
2nd- Hailey Hobbs – 10:55
6th- Abby Hinton- 11:25

Pole Vault
3rd- Addie Miller 6’6”

High Jump
3rd- Lisa Potichko 4”
5th- Savannah Miller 4”

5th- Erin Bagley 24’9

1st- Erin Bagley 72’4

Triple Jump
3rd- Olivia Sipes 27’ 1/2”
6th- Ashlee Wyatt 25’5”

2nd- 57.08
Lisa, Andrea, Sierra, Destiny

800 M Dash
1st – Reagan 2:51.57
4th- Savannah Wilkinson 2:59.68

100 M Hurdles
1st- Anna Dusek 19.30
4th- Leigha Valandingham- 19:48

100 M Dash
5th -Sierra Schneider – 14.26
6th- Addie Miller- 14.31

4×2 Relay
3rd- 2:02.59
Lisa, Andrea, Reagan , Destiny

400 M Dash
2nd- Shae Orms 73.96
5th- Natalie Rincon 75.53
6th- Addie Miller 75.55

200 M Dash
3rd. Andrea Carter 29.21
5th Sierra Schneider 30.55
6th Addie Miller 30.97

1200 M Run
1st- Olivia Sipes 2:36.61
2nd- Savannah Wilkinson 4:52.79
6th- Hailey Hobbs 5:11.0

4×4 Relay
1st- 4:42
Lisa, Olivia, Destiny, Reagan

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April 8, 2014

Tomorrow in athletics we have to finish our fitness gram! Please be there at 8:00. We will still not have To dress out. Please know your height and weight.

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Leaving at 2:30

April 8, 2014

Just a reminder! We will be leaving school today at 2:30. If you are going to bring your child food, please do so before then!

Linley will be my manager today! Whenever you need to sign your kid out, go to her! I will make sure she stays In the camp! You can sign out whenever you are done for the day! It would be great for everyone to stay and cheer on and be there for ALL of their teammates!

Last event as 7th graders, let’s get after them girls!! GO LADY NECKS!!

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This week

April 7, 2014

No after school practice Monday!

We will meet at the track at 7:45 as usual Monday and Tuesday!

Wednesday will be 8:00 in the gym – not dressing out

Thursday we have track pictures at 7:00 am!! Anybody that has been to a track meet will need to be dressed and ready in there track uniform at track at 7:00! If you do not have a track uniform, come see me. I will give you picture forms on Monday!

Friday we will meet at 8:00 in the gym! We will dress out

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Track meet

April 3, 2014

The high school running events are about to start! I would love for you to come watch your event!!!

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